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Presentation of the French network : RNSA

RNSA is the French aerobiology network in charge of the analysis of the content of the air in biological particles, and to give some information about their health impact. This activity began in 1985 to the Pasteur Institute. It is a private association "RNSA" since 1996.
RNSA collect pollen and moulds in the air, and clinical data, from 70 towns in France. In each great town, RNSA has a pollen trap (Burkard or Lanzoni), an analyst and a clinician. RNSA has nearly 65 pollen traps located on a central urban position over the roof of building, to be representative of the trend air quality.
The daily analysis are sending weekly to its coordination center located at Brussieu (Rhône, France).
These pollens or moulds data are “exposure data” to biological particles. As all pollen and moulds are not allergenic, it is necessary to measure the health impact due to these biological particles.
To measure the health impact, RNSA organized a clinician network, all working in allergy field in liberal activity. They fill, every week, a clinical bulletin representative of their observations about pollinosis, symptoms and their gravity.
Networks of phenologists permit to RNSA to collect some precious information about the state of flowering of the main allergenic species.
Every week, with the pollen data, the clinical data, the phenological informations and meteorological forecast, risk and RNSA write an allergo-pollinic bulletin with the main pollen or mould in reason, the forecast of allergic a short text with some recommendations. These informations are sending to the French health authorities, to the clinician, and to the public.
For people travellers, RNSA is affiliated with the European aeroallergen network (EAN), whose website is www.polleninfo.org

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