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Titre MedAreoNet

MedAeronet is a network gathering the information about allergy risk due to pollen.
The website is updated each week.
You will find map corresponding to the main allergenic taxa of the area.

The participant of MedAeronet are :

• CROATIA, ZAGREB: Data are collected, identified and analysed by I. Hrga and B. Stjepanoviæ
Department of Environmental Protection and Health Ecology, Institute of Public Health "Dr. Andrija Stampar"
E-mail: ivana.hrga@stampar.hr, barbara.stjepanovic@stampar.hr
Web: www.stampar.hr

• FRANCE:  Michel Thibaudon - RNSA
E-mail: rnsa@rnsa.fr
Website: www.pollens.fr

• ITALY:  Maira Bonini - AIA
E-mail: mbonini@ats-milano.it
Website: www.ilpolline.it/

• SERBIA: Branko Sikoparija - Laboratory for palynology
E-mail: nspolen@yahoo.com
Website: www.nspolen.com

• SPAIN:  Carmen Galan - REA
E-mail: bv1gasoc@uco.es
Website: www.uco.es/rea/

• TURKEY: Prof.Dr.Sevcan CELENK
Aerobiology Laboratory, Uludag University - Bursa
E-mail: sevcant@uludag.edu.tr

Contact us : rnsa@rnsa.fr
Available on www.medaeronet.net



Végétation en ville.
Guide d'information
sur les plantes
à pollen allergisant