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Summary 1998

Pollen bulletin – 1998 summary      

1998 pollen season was a prosperous season for allergic people. Disturbed weather conditions of spring provoked a sporadic pollination with some important peaks corresponding to pathology sometimes harsh but for short periods. Cypress pollens were the first to come. They are more and more important in pollen calendars and in the cause of allergic symptoms form the end of winter to spring. If they are abundant in the Mediterranean area, their presence, in high quantities, is indicated on numerous sites, especially in the West of France.
Birch pollens, very allergen, did not provoke real and lasting symptoms this year, although we noticed some peaks with harsh crises. In a general way, pollination of tree (plane, ash, poplar, oak, and chestnut) did not reach the usual maximums.
In the other hand, grasses pollens arrived very early and have provoked numerous "hay fever" since the beginning of May. For the rest and for the happiness of allergic people leaving in the North of the Loire, the bad weather of June and July did not allow an important dissemination of these pollens. Centre, Auvergne and Rhône-Alpes were the most affected areas.
In the South-East quarter of the country, pellitory pollens hardly bothered allergic people. Concerning mugwort and ragweed pollens, they were present only in September and only on a few stations.
Michel Thibaudon

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