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Summary 2001

Pollen bulletin – 2001 summary      

Even if no meteorological event modified the pollination while 2001, weather conditions ruled the roost on the life of allergic people. Indeed, if a gentle winter allowed an early arrival of tree pollens (alder, cypress, hazel) provoking symptoms more or less intense, the tree pollens season from March to May was disturbed by many pluvial episodes.
This rain prevented birch, ash and oak pollens from being abundant, but only from time to time.
On the other hand, the abundant rain was favorable to the development of grasses which waited the return of the sun and of the heat to produce just like that a big amount of pollens very allergenic. From the end of May to mid-July, allergic people suffering of hay fever suffered in an intense way the assault of grasses pollens: conjunctivitis, rhinitis, cough and asthma.
Summer was rather mild for allergic people who suffered more from moulds and pollution than from pollens, except for Rhône and Dauphiné inhabitants who suffered from ragweed pollens.
While the period before winter, allergic risk is more important inside buildings (at home or at work) with the return of dust mites and the development of moulds very allergenic.
Pollen season will begin in November in Provence-Côte d'Azur with cypress pollens.
Our bulletins will start the 11th of January.
Have a nice end of year
Michel Thibaudon

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