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Summary 2003

Bulletin allergo-pollinique - Récapitulatif 2003      

The pollen season of 2003 was contrasted, due to the heterogeneity of the allergic risk from an area to another. Indeed, if the beautiful weather for Christmas 2002 allowed a first pollination of hazel tree, the cold period from January to mi-February stopped the evolution of the vegetation.
At the end of February, first explosion of pollens of hazel tree and alder, provoking several conjunctivitis.
Cypress pollens more or less abundant, according to the different areas, provoked strong symptoms only on the Mediterranean circumference and particularly on the East part of PACA. The season of birch, ash, oak and other tree pollens was as usual, provoking from March to May, a lot of conjunctivitis, rhinitis and asthma.
From the beginning of May, nice weather conditions provoked a first peak of grasses pollens coming with a lot of symptoms; very brief peak followed by a period of respite till the beginning of June.
During the first half of June, grasses pollens were present; then the heat wave limited all dissemination of pollens till the end of August. Even ragweed season was disturbed with numerous peaks till the 20th of September. During September, a return of grasses pollens did not seem to provoke symptoms.
Have a nice end of year
Michel Thibaudon

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