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Summary 2004

Pollinic bulletin – 2004 summary      

Weather conditions are one more time responsible of the heterogeneity of the distribution of pollens. The end of winter and a humid spring, no heat wave and even a filthy summer, only autumn was nice.
On a great part of France, alder pollens appeared more or less early but always suddenly: cypress pollens arrived in February in Mediterranean area till the end of March, provoking several rhinitis and conjunctivitis.
Ash pollens, under monitoring since many years, have not been very abundant this year, principally present in the center of France.
Concerning birch pollens, they rage provoking a very high allergic risk in April on a great half of France (North). In the South, the associated allergic risk stayed mean. Not much consequences related to oak and plane tree pollens outside South-East of France.
Grasses pollens, very allergenic, rage from May to July, depending on the weather conditions. The concentration was enough to provoke long episodes with symptoms for allergic people. Only the Mediterranean area was partially saved with an allergic risk from mean to high.
On the other hand, on the same area, pellitory pollens provoked a very high allergic risk between mid-April and the beginning of June. The ragweed pollination keeps its promises on Lyon area, the Dauphiné and the Rhône valley between Lyon and Avignon. On these areas, allergic risk was very high from 12 of August to 15 of September. In the Bouches-du-Rhône, Auvergne and Bourgogne, the allergic risk related to ragweed pollens stayed local and occasional.
This year, an increase of ragweed pollens near the mouth of the Loire.
If grasses pollens were back in the end of September provoking some symptoms, the explosion of Cedar pollens at the beginning of October was not responsible of symptoms.
Michel Thibaudon

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