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Summary 2006

Pollinic bulletin – 2006 summary      


The pollen season started late due to cold weather in February and March.
So trees with catkins, especially alder, hazel and birch waited the return of better temperatures to produce and disperse pollens. So we noticed a « blowing-up » of the pollination while 2 or 3 weeks at the beginning of April.
Then other tree pollens were particularly abundant till the beginning of May (oak, plane tree, etc...) before a lull of few weeks due to a rainy weather.
At the end of May, the return of heat allows an abundant flowering of grasses which were present till July, stopped by the heat wave.
During August, the bad weather conditions delayed the arrival of ragweed pollens. These ones have been particularly abundant in the early September and the pollination went exceptionally till October. In September and October, we noticed a return of grasses pollens which have provoked new symptoms for allergic people.
Cedar pollens in October do not provoke allergy, but we noticed the arrival of some cypress pollens in November.

Michel Thibaudon

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