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Summary 2010

Pollinic bulletin – 2010 summary      

Exposition index:
YearTotal pollen index
20081 923 195
20092 382 013
20102 155 483
Exposition to pollens while 2010 season was at a more or less high level, despite a 10% decrease as compared to 2009. 39 stations are falling but 24 are increasing on the other hand.
Of course, meteorological conditions of 2009 autumn and of the 2010 winter are the cause of the values of tree pollination. These ones were chaotic, at the same rhythm as weather.
Spring weather is responsible of the quantities of grasses pollens, especially for ragweed which has had amounts of pollens bigger than in 2009, caused by a lengthening of the season till the second week of October.
Like last year, it is Montpellier station which has the record of 2010 pollination, just ahead Avignon.

Michel Thibaudon

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