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Summary 2011

Pollen report – 2011 summary      

Exposition index:
YearTotal pollen index
20092 382 013
20102 155 483
20112 406 013

62 pollen traps distributed on the metropolitan territory allowed making this brochure. On these 62 traps, 48 (77 %) present a pollen index in increase with regard to 2010 and 14 (23 %) in decline.

Among the values in decline, most of the pollen traps concerned are at high altitudes. 2011 season was characterized by a late end of winter, followed by a beautiful and warm spring which provoked a concomitance with grasses, very unfavourable to allergic people.

The bad weather in July stopped the season which started again only at the beginning of August, in particular for ragweed pollens in large quantities on infested zones till the end of September.

One more time, it is Montpelier station which, followed closely by those of Avignon, Nimes and Aix en Provence, beat the records of pollinations. Cypress pollens are the main responsible of these records.

Michel Thibaudon

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