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Summary 2012

Pollen report – 2012 summary      


68 pollen traps have achieved pollen monitoring in metropolitan France, permitting to edit newsletters allergo-pollinic from January to October.

Six new pollen traps are described in the brochure: 3 in Ile de France, Limoges, Poitiers and Andorra. See the brochure at http://www.pollens.fr/Tous_taxons_2012.pdf.

The pollen index in 2012 is lower than in 2011 and close to that of 2010. Please note, only 12 pollen traps have higher accounts and specially in Bourg en Bresse and Vichy.

The largest collections were on the Mediterranean areas (Montpellier - Avignon - Aix en Provence) with cypress pollen. Curves wholes taxa not included in the brochure but are available on the website www.pollens.fr

Michel Thibaudon

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