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Summary 2015

Pollen report – 2015 summary      


The temperatures of the beginning of 2015 were, by considering them on the whole France, close to normal ones (hardly 0,2°C above the normal). This allowed to wintry trees as the hazel tree and the alder to begin their pollination between the end of February and the beginning of March according to their geographical location.

The temperatures were also close to normal during the spring but the rainfall globally decrease of almost 20 %, allowing the trees to pollinate by being less limited by the rain. The peak of birch pollination was during April, with an important but short peak over a single week on most of the regions.The alternations rain-sun of April and May allowed an abundant development of wild grasses which was followed by a long period of pollination, with large amount of pollen (the rain becoming scarce during the summer).

The very hot then regularly rainy summer in August reduced the ragweed and the other summery pollens season, but they took advantage of September to scatter. On all the data, the pollen index is increasing compared with the previous years, the annual average pollen index being the strongest for these last 15 years.

Michel Thibaudon

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