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Updated 15th of February

A lot of pollens for holidays!

While the holidays start for A zone and continue for B zone, the weather across the country will remain very sunny in the coming days with temperatures above averages that bring a preview of spring! In this atmosphere, concentrations of cypress pollens will be very high in the Mediterranean area. Ash pollen will join cypress ones in the South of the country with a locally high risk as near Narbonne. Inhabitants of Bordeaux will be embarrassed by the pollen of cypress, alder and hazelnut with a risk of allergy that can reach the moderate level in the coming days.

In the rest of the country, hazelnut and alder are flowering and concentrations will be increasingly strong under the influence of a mild and sunny weather including in the alpine valleys where many vacationers go. Allergy risk will vary between low and moderae levels for these pollens in France.

Allergies will have to follow their treatment or consult their doctor in case of symptoms, hoping that the pollen will not disturb the holidays too much.

Here are some practical tips to protect yourself from pollen: rinse your hair in the evening, ventilate at least 10min a day before sunrise and after sunset, avoid drying the laundry outside, keep the windows of the cars closed while you are traveling.

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