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Summary 1999

Pollen bulletin – 1999 summary      

1999 was characterized by a first part of the season with a very high allergic risk due to cypress pollens raged on a large part of France but especially in the South-East quarter part. From mid-December to the end of April, there were heavy quantities of cypress pollens which provoked strong symptoms. Pollens of spring trees were present and, this year, birch, ash and plane tree pollens provoked the highest allergic risk.
The end of Spring and Summer were characterized by different weather conditions according the areas. Grasses, Pellitory and Chestnut pollens were present only from time to time. The risk went from weak to very high but exceptionally lasted from the End of May to the beginning of August.
There were not mugwort pollens till mid-September. Concerning ragweed pollens, they were abundant and harmful on Lyon area.
Attention to moulds which have disturbed some allergic people, as well as the pollution which exacerbate symptoms.
Michel Thibaudon

Allergic risk related to pollens in 1999
Allergic risk due to pollen is not only liked to grain numbers in the air. Indeed, several pollens are more allergenic and thresholds of sensitivity are specific to each of us. Maps which follow summed up, for the 10 pollens figuring on the list below, the allergic risk related to this pollen while 1999 season on France. The figures in brackets show months where this risk level was reached. It is only summaries, each year showing a different pollination profile, they cannot be used for the years to come.

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